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Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru
Immaculately run, beautifully situated and surely the best shower ever
September, 2012
With Colleagues
Neil M
Immaculately run, beautifully situated and surely the best shower ever

During a far to short stay at the property earlier this year on a business matter I was able to stay at Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru, based in the well publicised Baa-Atoll - an area of the country in recent years becoming well known for its ecological significance.  During a all-too-brief 24 hour sejourn to the property, I was impressed by the spacious feel of the island, with beach-based and water villa properties all seperated by dense vegetation, which is not always the case for the Maldives beach-like islands.

Staying within the propoerty's Sunset Water Villa, essentially a family-sized house on stilts that sits over the sea, you are afforded all the mod cons expected from a higher-end accomadation in the Maldives with immaculate wooden finishes, four poster beds, a netted traqmpoline area to sunbathe as thew water runs beneath you, indoor and outdoor showers, capable of a quite magnificanet stress releiving deluge of water, and a walk in closet.  Most remarkable about the design however was a hidden away covered bed sitting outside the property that allows you to pick up z's while looking over the waters.  Despite going during the rainy season, a somewhat intense storm, became something of a highlight of the stay from the safety of this outdorr bed with the sound of ran on water from a safe distance and a freshly-made espresso highlighting a pretty good balance between the luxurious and loca environment.  

That said, being one of the resort's properies without its own pool and considering the reputation for local beauty, the corals around the property I was staying were qute underwhelming.  In fact, the reef in the immediate vacnnity did not appear too healthy, which is a surprise considering what I'm informed by other guests is a very stron marine biology unit ojn site, including the resort operatng as a sanctuary for turtles.  A slight downside on the otherwise fine accomadation.

Elsewhere on the resort though, the food, including a beach-sde mediternean property and one of the most impressivel extensive international breakfast buffets I have experienced - everything from fry up's to continental cold cuts and a Dim sung  bar - the food offering were extremely impressive, including a limited space Japanese restaurant where t is wise to heed staff advice and book ahead.  For the Maldives, the food is reasonable and great quality, though not hugely cheap, with bottles of wine starting at around US$40, and dinner with desert and starter setting you back US$65 per head.  Still in the wonderful environs, if it's luxury you are looking for, their is ample oppurtunity.

As a company, from my limited experience, I have been impressed by Four Seasons' CSr and staff training in the maldives, nearby islands are wel employed and serviced by the resort, which also tries to include local and international staff in their cultural evetns and competitions - something not as common as you may think in the country.  i would certainly opt to come and see more of the property, though as more of a lover of creature comforts and prvate bools, I would be more curious to experience the site's Beach Villas - not likely for a while, but one can dream.


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