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Neil Merrett
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In international diplomacy, the government of President Mohamed Nasheed has moved to position itself as a leading advocate for greater action on trying to reduce the global carbon footprint over fears of the possible impacts it may have on climate change.  Yet when it comes to taking a well-deserved holiday, the seeming doom and gloom of environmental debate does appear to have gained the attention of the Maldives' resort operators to varying degrees.

Groups like Anantara and Coco Palm Hotels are a few examples of tourist properties looking to adopt international sustainability standards such as Green Globe Certification. Other hospitality groups like Adaaran are also looking to boost their green credentials through focuses on more energy efficient communications technology.

In trying to capture the attention of seemingly eco-conscious tourists, the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa resort has been praised - by our head reviewer at least – for trying to offer a fairly unique prospect in the country; a property designed specifically to serve as a more environmentally friendly destination.

“There are, in all honesty, just a handful of resorts [in the Maldives] that truly care for their environment,” claims travel writer Adrian Neville, who has supplied many of our in-house reviews on the Dhonisaurus site.

But what have been your experiences with resorts and other tourist properties in the Maldives in terms of how they impact on their surrounding environments?
Were you pleasantly, or unpleasantly surprised by waste management initiatives or coral protection programmes on your holiday?

We would love to hear your recommendations on the best and the rest of the greener holiday options available in the country.

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Dear Neil, all Six Senses

Dear Neil, all Six Senses properties in the Maldives are the best example to follow, on top Soneva Fushi. They have a special  'green soul'. ;)

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