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Introduction to Honeymooning and Renewal of Vows in the Maldives

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Perhaps one of the most popular ways to see the Maldives is in newly-wed bliss. Nearly all resorts tailor their services to the just-married couple.

Unfortunately for non-Muslims, the Maldives' Islamic Ministry prohibits actually getting married in the Maldives. But many resorts offer flexible 'vow-renewal' and 'wedding ceremony' packages that come pretty close to the mark, minus having to include your mother-in-law in the arrangements. Chiffon is not a material you'll want in your suitcase, anyway.

For the most part, resorts strive for quiet comfort and serene seclusion. Many offer water villas and rooms with fantastic beach access. Huvafen Fushi is known for its design, and the spa is quite good. It's worth mentioning, however, that privacy levels vary. While having an all-glass pool or three glass bedroom walls in your water villa might encourage romance, the looks you may get from your water-villa neighbors probably won't. Open-air and -vision settings are wonderful, but for your own enjoyment it's worth investigating the proximity between your villa and the next, or whether beach spaces are nicely separated.

Speaking of seclusion, bear in mind that the Maldives is full of resorts. If you're looking for more than a quiet bed, peruse locations on atoll edge's or in the north, such as Eriyadu. These areas are not so resort-heavy, and you're less likely to have your view of the horizon impaired by transport boats and planes. Any excursions you take will also tend to the quieter and less crowded side. Taj Coral Reef offers a desert island for couples' excursions, while also providing a disco night.

If you're part of an active couple with a sense of adventure, look into the options before booking. Some resorts have group activities such as snorkeling, diving, and more, while others provide couples-only excursions. Veligandu is celebrated for it's high-ranking but relaxed dive center and overall honeymoon appeal, and Helengili is known as a relaxing place for the water enthusiast.

You might also want to consider the option of taking a dhoni day trip or spending a night on a safari boat for variety. For this, read up on Four Seasons' resorts for starters. If you get a rise out of swimming among sharks, best not to waste your money somewhere that only offers a tan.

Perhaps you're a social couple, for whom nightlife is important. There are a few resorts that offer a friendly array of events and a lively bar scene; the expat community generally views Club Med Kani as the most consistent party resort. Some places also arrange excursions to local inhabited islands; Park Hyatt recently launched a series of 'Journeys', offering instruction on underwater photography, local story tellings and more.

Are you enjoying a break from the kids, or not yet ready to start on that project? Find out if the resort you're interested in attracts families. Consider Diva for a combination romantic-family feel.

Some resorts advertise special foci such as diving, spa or family value. If you've found one that suits your needs - and bill -but appears to cater to a specific market, rest assured that most resorts are heavy on the honeymooners and can usually work with your plan. Or, if you're just looking for a fun vacation to quietly mark an occasion, most places will have what you need: beach, sun, beds, and drinks. Look for package deals, but investigate the all-inclusive ones--they occasionally have limited options.

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